Sydney | Senior Photography on Huguenot Street

Sydney Class of 2016 senior portrait in New Paltz Duetimage Photography Hudson Valley senior photographer.


As Hudson Valley senior photographers, we get to shoot in historic locations that are visually appealing, especially during the fall.  One of our favorite locations is Historic Huguenot Street, the oldest street in America situated in downtown New Paltz.  In this particular session,we were working with Sydney, a Class of 2016 New Paltz High School senior.

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On Location: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

With Upstart Entertainment in Basel, Switzerland


 Doug Madden has shot a series of images for the English-language Upstart Entertainment Company based in Basel, Switzerland.

This year’s Shakespeare in the Courtyard production was A Midsummer Night’s Dream directed by Nicolaia Marston, running from late-August to early September 2011.

To see a gallery of shots from the show, visit our Midsummer Night’s Dream gallery.