Sydney Class of 2016 senior portrait in New Paltz Duetimage Photography Hudson Valley senior photographer.


As Hudson Valley senior photographers, we get to shoot in historic locations that are visually appealing, especially during the fall.  One of our favorite locations is Historic Huguenot Street, the oldest street in America situated in downtown New Paltz.  In this particular session,we were working with Sydney, a Class of 2016 New Paltz High School senior.

Sydney is active as a swimmer and softball player at New Paltz High School and is planning on attending Indiana University or Penn State next fall.  She also plans on studying medicine with a focus on sports medicine.  She also hopes to continue charitable work she’s done at the high school by participating in study abroad programs that will allow her to do good in developing nations.

A joy to photograph, Sydney is a young woman who will certainly do well wherever her road takes her.  Best wishes to her as she heads towards graduation and takes her first steps towards a stellar career.


Sidney senior portrait on Huguenot Street in New Paltz by Hudson Valley senior photographer Duetimage Photography.