Meet the Duetimage Team

One of us is from Switzerland.  The other is from Brooklyn.  Our love of photography brought us together while studying in Manhattan, and we’ve been shooting together ever since.


Regina Gloor Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Regina

I’m a photographer originally from Switzerland, now living and working in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.

I’m inspired to create wedding photography by my own marriage (to the other half of the Duetimage Team) and our two adorable children (who are also budding photographers).  Every day there is a new story to tell around our house, which I’m sure is just like yours.

All weddings are the peaks of beautiful love stories and no two are the same.  Our goal is to record your story in all its grace, elegance, beauty, and raw honesty.

A few of my favorite things:

Time with my hubby & kids … baking bread … curling up in bed on a chilly night with Nordic Noir … popcorn and any movie with Paul Newman … quality time with my pet violin.

Doug Madden Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Hey!  I’m Doug (the aforementioned other half)

I’m originally from Brooklyn and you can say I was born into photography.  My grandfather once shot portraits of Hollywood movie stars and, inspired by these stories, one of my first jobs was working at a commercial photography studio.

Although we often overlap responsibilities in our event coverage, I’m the guy who takes most of the portraits on any given shoot while Regina photographs those sweeping cinematic images you on this website.



Kiddie Art Gallery

You don’t escape without seeing some artwork from our kids!

“Wedding Cats”

Our daughter made this as a gift for us when we went out on our first wedding.

We keep it in our studio above our editing station because it’s so colorful and joyful — it’s what every wedding should be.